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Control your devices with hand claps

Smart sensor, cable free, very easy to install, preserves your privacy


A solution to control your devices without any cable

Only 3 claps to control lamps in your living room or your bedside lamp.

Indeed, the CS-Light sensor can control several remote-controlled plugs.

Its artificial intelligence (AI) constantly monitors your environment and your habits.

No Internet, no cable lying out. No risk of being listened to or hacked.

Configuration example

3 claps = floor lamp

4 = 2 table lamps

5 = switch all lamps on / off

Straightforward use

From 100 Euros

Secure, no Internet

Simple to install

Installation: place the sensor, plug in the remote-controlled socket

Put the batteries and position the sensor on a piece of furniture.

Insert the remote-controlled plug between your device and the wall outlet.

Two buttons offer the possibility of

Switching on / off all devices simultaneously or adjust sensitivity.


Preferably position the sensor near you.

Avoid sources of shock sounds (cutlery).

Multiple devices can be controlled independently.

Just change the configuration on sensor start.

Classic offer: one CS-Light + one remote-controlled plug

CS-Light sound sensor

Push button: switch all devices on / off, configuration
Sensitivity switch: off, medium, high (room > 15 m2)
Maximum suggested distance from Claps, 5m
2 standard AA batteries (included), 1-year typical autonomy
Multi-channel to avoid interferences between sensors in different rooms

Remote-controlled plug

Maximum distance to sensor: 10 m, 30 m in free field, 433MHz
Maximum current load 10 A / 2300 W, low consumption
Programable to personalize configuration such as
A: 3 Claps = plug 1
B: 3 Claps = plug 1, 4 Claps = plug 2, 5 Claps = plugs 1 & 2
C: 3 Claps = plug 1, 4 Claps = plug 2, 5 Claps = plug 3

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