Making Virtual Control a Reality

Turn hands and fingers into a virtual remote control

ClapSens makes the concept of virtual control a reality

ClapSens develops an intuitive interface to control all your devices with only two hand claps or finger snaps. Clap once to be located, and clap again in the direction of the device to control.

Depending on the system configuration, this may switch on home lights, close the stores, or trigger the intercom…

No need to find a remote, tablet or phone.

Our proprietary technology solves limitations that made previous clap recognition systems impractical and not user friendly – finally making virtual control a reality.

Use only 2 hand claps or finger snaps to virtually control multiple devices

Proprietary algorithms prevent false triggers in noisy environments

Wide range of applications based on clap location and sound analysis

Presence detection / Alert triggering for Energy savings and Security

Secure by design and privacy respectful. No Internet connection required

Concept practical implementation

Our systems are based on wireless sensors which can be powered on batteries for easier implementation. Devices can be either controlled directly using wireless standards or using common radio adaptors.

Sensors count depends on consumer / industrial applications: typically, one for basic functionalities to three for precise sound location applications.

This video shows different types of human interactions, from light control to door control.

In a home automation solution with 3 sensors, lights, shutters, radio, intercom and alarm can be individually controlled using only 2 hands claps or fingers snaps. An optional smartphone application provides additional functionalities such as user preferences and activity monitoring.

Leveraging sounds locations to create new interfaces & applications

We are developing sensors and technologies to make analysis and location of sounds viable and pervasive: easy to install (wireless), secure, inexpensive and eco-friendly.

Artificial Intelligence together with the ability to combine the nature, location, timing, and history of sounds, provides new opportunities for consumer and industrial applications.

Our first application enables to control multiple devices using hand claps locations.

The analysis of sounds history and location, external or user generated, may also provide activity-based information for application such as security.

Software code

From Concept to Prototype

The original idea arose as we noticed that some of our relatives were struggling to control home lights or to find remote controls.

The concept implementation has required a significant volume of research and the development on tens of thousands of line codes.

We are opening our technology to partners to make this interface as universal as possible.

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This is an amazing technology... being able to control devices without the need for an other device like a remote or phone is truly a step into the future - it feels like something from a sci-fi movie

Matthew Bird, Prototype Tester