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Smart sound sensors

Continuous monitoring on batteries, AI without cloud

Wireless sound sensors for innovative applications

ClapSens designs sound sensors with innovative features: continuous analysis on batteries, artificial intelligence (AI) without Internet, wireless

These features offer multiple benefits: simplified installation & maintenance, cost, security, privacy, energy savings

Consequently, new application can be developed by continuously analyzing ambient sounds and noises, thanks to our intelligent algorithms

Fingers snap logo to swich on lamps

The CS-Light sensor recognizes claps and adjusts its behavior to the sound environment and to user habits

Remote control icon

Virtual remote control

Alarm / alert icon

Personal alert system

Smartphone / tablet icon

Activity monitoring

Icon to illustrate positioning, incident localization

Incident localization

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Software code

A technology platform to innovate

In the Internet of Things (IoT)

Multi-purpose sensors: very low power, analog and digital acquisition, multi-protocol wireless connectivity, sound location

Mobile applications: general public, data acquisition, configuration, maintenance

Software: numerical simulations, artificial intelligence algorithms

Our roots

ClapSens was created in 2016, following patents in 2012 and prototypes developments. The innovation comes from a simple observation : remote controls for home automationa are frequently lost.

We originally developed a new concept requiring only two claps to communicate with many devices: one to be located, and another one in the direction of the device to control.

We had to develop particularly innovative sensors to materialize this idea. Indeed, easy to use and install products lead to strong hardware and software constraints.

Technology to the benefits of clients

Icons of hand clap or smartphone to control a light bulb

Our vision is to offer simple solutions, easy to use and install. Likewise, we respect privacy and the environment.

Obviously, our philosophy differs from the house automation industry and its vocal assistants.

As an illustration, we transformed our original clap control concept which required 3 sensors.

Now, a single CS-Light sensor, simpler and more intelligent, is sufficient to control 2 or 3 devices.

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