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Switch on your lamps with hand claps

Smart sensor, cable free, very easy to install, preserves your privacy

A claps sensor to comfortably control lamps & devices

From your sofa, you can choose a cozy lighting to watch TV or more light to read. You will not fall in the dark while looking for the bedside lamp or the radio remote control. You can also control your devices while crossing a room, by clapping with both hands, or by snapping your fingers.

Straightforward installation with not a single cable lying out. No Internet to avoid complicated configurations / updates or risks to be hacked or recorded.

You can independently turn on/off up to three remote controlled sockets depending on the number of claps (3 to 5). In addition, any remote-controlled socket can power several lamps simultaneously if necessary.

Its artificial intelligence (AI) constantly monitors your environment and your habits. It functions reliably with the TV or radio on and allows, with some practice, to use tongue clicks if your hands are busy.

Fingers snap logo to swich on lamps

Configuration example
3 claps = floor lamp
4 = 2 table lamps
5 = switch all lamps on / off

Hand clap icon to control lamps

Straightforward use

Euro currency icon

From 120 Euros

Lock icon

Secure, no Internet

Construction worker icon

Simple to install

Installation: place the sensor, plug in the remote-controlled plug

Put the batteries and position the sensor on a piece of furniture
Insert the remote-controlled socket between your device and the wall outlet

Two buttons offer the possibility of
Switching on / off all devices simultaneously or adjust sensitivity

Quick installation icon with a watch in a gear
Arrow target icon

Preferably position the sensor near you
Avoid sources of shock sounds (cutlery)

Multiple devices can be controlled independently
Just change the configuration on sensor start

Our solution: ClapSens CS-Light sensor + remote-controlled plug

Sensor ClapSens CS-Light front grey background

CS-Light claps sensor

Push button: switch all devices on / off, configuration
Sensitivity switch: off, medium, high (room > 15 m2)
Maximum suggested distance from Claps, 5m
2 standard AA batteries (included), 1-year typical autonomy
Multi-channel to avoid interferences between sensors in different rooms

Remote controlled plug front grey background

Remote-controlled plug

Maximum distance to sensor: 10 m, 30 m in free field, 433MHz
Maximum current load 10 A / 2300 W, low consumption
Programable to personalize configuration such as

Savings and ecology

The French Ecological Transition Agency lists the average consumption of domestic appliances and suggests tips to save energy (a device consuming 10 W in standby, cost 15 euros in 2021)

Using CS-Light can reduce your power consumption

  • By controlling more precisely devices consuming several tens of Watt (lamps, radiator, air conditioning, fan)
  • By turning off, typically in the evening, devices with standby power greater than 10W (internet box, TV player, connected TV, game consoles, Wifi hotspot and some connected devices, especially old ones)

A CS-Light system can be significantly more economical than a connected home automation solution such as vocal assistants

  • CS-Light sensors consumption is significantly lower, less than 1 milliwatt on average vs a few watts for a connected solution
  • Not using your home network saves from a few watts to much more depending on the configuration, especially when a box or a Wifi repeater needs to be installed)
  • Ecologically speaking, connected solutions usually transmit data to other countries and through many servers (up to several dozen), even when you do not use them !

Note that remote controlled sockets consume around 1 to 2 W, and therefore cost 2 to 3 euros per year

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