A new interface to control and communicate with devices smartly

Control all your devices with only 2 claps

Clap once to be located and again in the direction of the device to control

2 finger snaps or hand claps gives you full control

Operates in a loud or noisy environment

Control devices anyplace using virtual buttons

Swift, intuitive, for your comfort or your spare time

Save energy with presence detection & easier control

Wide range of applications far beyond switch buttons

This is an amazing technology... being able to control devices without the need for an other device like a remote or phone is truly a step into the future - it feels like something from a sci-fi movie

Matthew Bird, Designer and Prototype Tester

I didn't think it could be so addictive, after the test i realize how much it's usefull and natural to use

Hugues Lidmann - Event Manager & Prototype Tester

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Concept & Prototype Development
Electronic Prototype Boards

Example to control devices in a living room

Combination of two claps define directions to control devices such as lights, HiFi or cooling fans

Clap Locations
‘1’ clap to be located, a second ‘2’ in the direction of the device to control.

ClapSens Sensors
Wireless ClapSens sensors calculate claps positions. Easy to install as there is no wire.

Wireless electrical switches
Sensors communicate indirectly or directly to communicate with devices, for example a light using a standard wireless electrical switch.